Now that we are getting into warmer weather and the smell of spring is teasing us these last few weeks of winter, more and more homeowners are starting to finalize a plan to repair their homes from last year’s large hail and high winds across Colorado.

The #1 question we always run into is “Can you provide me with the cheapest estimate you can give me”. While cost is always a concern for homeowners, many don’t realize what problems arise when you strictly hire based on price.

The underlying question that most people are really needing to ask is “How can I know that I am protected with good quality materials so I don’t have to fix it later due to unqualified labor and inferiors materials”. This is nearly impossible for homeowners to find out without spending weeks and possibly months researching online, meeting with material reps, interviewing literally hundreds of roofing companies and contractors and then still not know the best avenue. What normally happens is that they just finally say the heck with it and choose a random company to complete the repairs, lay awake at night and hope and pray that they chose the right contractor.

Here at Sorensen’s we pride ourselves on providing a complete analysis of your damage, we walk the homeowner through different options and really take the time to listen to ALL your concerns and long range plans for your home. There are literally hundreds of different options when it comes to roofing materials from shingle types, underlayment’s, types of vents, roof fasteners and warranties. While it all sounds scary and most of our happiest homeowners have said after we are complete, they were almost to the point of just not fixing it because they didn’t know where to start. Our biggest compliments come after the damage is 100% complete and homeowners regularly tell us that they are so relieved that they chose to work with us, due to our consistent effort to keep them educated through the whole process and them feeling no stress.

5 Reason’s Why Choosing the Cheapest Contractor vs. Hiring Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors, G.C. Will Cost You More Money in the End

  1. Repairs are not completed to code and have extra expenses once city inspector fails the roof.
  2. Contractor incorrectly bids the project low and sends you a bill after the work is done.
  3. Roof materials used are inferior products and fail after a few short years and you have to pay to replace roof all over again.
  4. Poor workmanship and you start experiencing leaks shortly after the work is completed and you cannot reach the contractor to fix it.
  5. Contractor takes your money up front and leaves town.