Is the paint on your home starting to fade, flake, crack or chip? These are all signs that your home needs a fresh coat of paint, and when the time comes to paint your home’s exterior, leave it to the professionals at Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors. We are focused on providing you with honesty, integrity and responsibility¬†with each and every job, and the job is not done until you are satisfied with the results. There are many different painting contractors you could turn to in Loveland, but when you want the peace of mind in knowing that your home is in the very best hands, no other company can compare to Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors. We are fully trained and certified, and we are dedicating to providing you with the high-quality results you deserve.

For professional, external painting in Loveland, choose the Sorensen Team.

Let us help you capitalize on the many benefits that come with applying a fresh coat of paint to your home.

There are so many reasons to consider repainting your home. One of the biggest and most obvious reasons to paint is to reinvigorate your home’s aesthetics. Nothing can affect a home’s appearance quite as much as paint that is fading, chipping, cracking or flaking, and you might be surprised at what a huge difference new paint can make. But, there are many other benefits you can enjoy as well. Believe it or not, paint actually adds a protective layer between your home and the elements, like sunshine, hail, wind and rain. Painting could even help to extend the life of your home’s siding. Another major benefit of painting is that it can add value to your home, and it may even help you sell it faster. Whatever your reason for taking advantage of our external painting services, you’ll be glad that you did. Get your free quote today by calling (970) 251-0911!