In July 2016 this home sustained fairly significant hail damage. Unfortunately, upon initial inspection, the insurance company didn’t notice the hail damage to the stucco on this home. However, our roofing consultant was very thorough in taking photographs of the damage, we submitted the documentation to the insurance company and were able to get the stucco repairs covered!

The homeowner also saw the value in adding solar panels to his home at the same time the new roof was installed. We partnered with our friends at Ecomark solar to coordinate simultaneous installation of the solar system foundation with the roof installation.


Our teams worked tirelessly with the insurance company to get approval for the roof replacement, new gutters, and repair of the damaged stucco while our solar team worked with the City of Castle Rock and the HOA to get approval for the new solar panels.

In the end, this very happy client has a fully restored home with a solar upgrade that will save him substantial money each month on his electric bill.

We approach every single project with the belief that “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right the first time.” Our crews took extra care to cover windows, doors, plants and yard art to ensure that they were protected on the day of the stucco installation.

This homeowner is thrilled with his new roof, gutters, solar panels and stucco!