What Are Green Roofs?

A green roof is a functional commercial roof that is used to grow vegetation over a waterproof roofing membrane. Many green roofs also have root barriers, as well as irrigation and drainage systems. Modern green roofs are relatively new, at least in the United States, although they’ve been popular in Germany, as well as throughout all of Europes, since the 1960s.

However, in northern Scandinavia, they’ve been using their own version of green roofs, called sod roofs, for centuries. In the past few years, green roofs have taken the commercial roofing industry in the United States by storm and are now an incredibly popular trend.

The Benefits of Green Roofs

Considering getting a green roof, but unsure if it’s worth the cost? There are so many reasons to install a green roof on your commercial building because it can be incredibly beneficial. Here are a few of the benefits associated with green roofs.

Green roofs help to diminish water runoff.

Your green roof will be able to absorb as much as 40 percent of the rainwater and snowmelt it encounters. This helps to reduce the amount of water that your gutters and roofing system has to remove, which helps to prevent leaks.

Green roofs help to reduce energy costs.

When it comes to insulation, green roofs provide next-level energy efficiency to your commercial building. They help to keep your building warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. In fact, one study found that green roofs can reduce the air conditioning demands on a building during the warm spring and summer months by up to 75 percent.

Green roofs are long-lasting.

The soil and plants on green roofs are able to handle moisture and sunshine much more effectively than their tile and shingle counterparts. This may be why green roofs typically last up to three times longer than traditional commercial roofs.

Green roofs help to reduce noise pollution.

Is your commercial building in a particularly noisy part of town? A green roof may help! The plants, as well as the soil mixtures, help to absorb and deflect the sound around your building.

Green roofs provide added fire protection.

While we won’t go as far as to say that a green roof is fireproof, it can help to add some fire protection to your building because plants hold a lot of moisture.

Green roofs are aesthetically pleasing.

No other roofing system can provide the same level of aesthetic beauty to your commercial building that a green roof can.

Green roofs help to make the most of your solar energy system.

Do you utilize solar energy in your commercial building? If so, installing a green roof can help you to make the most out of it. How? Because a green roof is cooler than a traditional roof, it helps to increase the efficiency of your solar panels.

Sedum is a Great Choice for Your Green Roof

Sedum, also known as stonecrops, are leaf succulents that are commonly used for green roofs. Here are a few reasons why Sedum makes a great option for green roofs:

  • They have shallow root systems.
  • They are drought-resistant.
  • They have minimal nutrient needs.
  • They don’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • They aren’t prone to disease.
  • They can stand up to the damage caused by insects.
  • They are incredibly adaptable.

Will a Green Roof Work for Your Commercial Building?

For the most part, the only real requirement of a green roof is a flat roof with a slope no bigger than 30 degrees. However, it’s also a good idea to make sure that your roof gets plenty of sunshine. Green roofs tend to be heavier than traditional roofing systems, so it’s crucial to make sure that your roof is designed to withstand the weight.

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