Why Pick the Woodmoor® Shingle by Owens Corning

If you love the classic and timeless look of shingles, you will find equal beauty in the rustic and natural beauty of the Woodmoor® shingle by Owens Corning. Aside from being a beautiful shingle that will compliment the exterior of your home, the Woodmoor® shingle has been developed with the modern technology that you need to feel confident in your roof’s ability to protect you and your home. Keep reading for a few of the other features that are sure to sell you on the Woodmoor® shingle.

COOL Roofing Shingles

Sun is one of the major factors that you need to be conscious of when picking a shingle. Not only do the rays of sun do some serious damage to your roof, but they can affect the efficiency of your roof. Most shingles will wind up absorbing the heat when the sun is beaming down on them, which ultimately alters the temperature of your home and leads your HVAC to work so much harder.


The Woodmoor® shingle, however, is built with COOL roofing technology which reflects the rays of the sun. That means you get to enjoy full efficiency and you don’t have to worry about the sun damaging the appearance of your roof.

StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection

You’ve invested in a beautiful shingle, it makes sense that you want to ensure it continues to look beautiful! There’s no need to worry about the appearance of your roof when you have StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection. This is another feature that is built into the Woodmoor® shingle that prevents any streaks or stains from blue-green algae.

Wind Resistance

The Woodmoor® shingle is designed to handle even the toughest of winds. As a resident of Northern Colorado, you know that you need shingles designed to stay in place when even the worst of weather rolls through. The Woodmoor® shingle has an incredible sealant that not only protects your home from bad weather, but also plays a part in the shingles ability to stay in place. These are two things you definitely want to have in the roofing materials that you select.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

While the Woodmoor® shingle is built tough, it never hurts to have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Owens Corning has made it incredibly easy for you to understand and make the most of your warrant. That means that you can breathe easy knowing that you have the additional protection that you need on your roof.