Malarkey Vista Shingle

The Vista™ shingle by Malarkey uses the durable and sustainable Nexgen™ polymer modified asphalt technology. This is fantastic for a handful of reasons. For starters, this allows for enhanced granule adhesion that can handle some of the most extreme weather conditions. That’s a must for any Colorado roof. The best part is that this durable line of roof shingles is also extremely well made and looks good on just about any home. Keep reading for a few of the benefits to this particular shingle line by Malarkey

Benefits of Vista & Vista RV

The team at Sorensen Roofing & Exteriors want to provide you with the absolute best roofing supplies. Here are a few of the reasons that Vista shingles are a material we rely on.

NEX™ Polymer Modified Asphalt

We touched on this a bit earlier, but the Vista shingles are made with a sustainable, polymer modified asphalt technology. This provides the shingles with added flexibility, granule adhesion and impact resistance against some of the worst weather conditions.

Streak Resist™ Technology

Ensure that your roof always looks its best with the Streak Resist™ Technology. This feature ensures that algae doesn’t build up and comes with a 12-year AR Warranty

Formulated Roofing Sealants

Few things are as important as the sealant used on your roof. A specially formulated asphalt sealant holds these shingles in place. This one-of-a-kind sealant ensures that your shingles stay in place when high winds come through but also protect your home from heavy rains and dense snow storms.

Protect from Extreme Weather

Colorado weather is unpredictable. Because of that, you want to make sure that you are selecting a shingle that can handle anything that comes its way. The Vista shingles are class 3 impact resistance which provides one of the highest rates of protection to your roof.

Wind Warranties

Don’t stress when high winds come through your area. The Vista shingle line has a selection of wind warranties that protect you through even the worst wind conditions.

Color Granules

Durability is only one of the reasons that you’ll want to pick this shingle, but the color granules help ensure that your roof continues to look good through and through. With superior granule adhesion, you can count on your roof maintaining beautiful color for longer periods of time.

Formulated Roofing Sealants

The formulated roofing sealants that are incorporated in this roofing material keep all harsh weathers from getting inside your home. Aside from that, you can count on this formula keeping all shingles in place when high winds roll through.

Superior Shingle Strength

Any single created with NEX™ polymer is immediately going to be less likely to blow off. These shingles are designed to be more resistant to tearing and nail pull-out, so you can enjoy these quality tiles for much longer than some of the other options.

Flexible Range of Weather

The Vista shingles are made from asphalt which makes them ideal for a wide range of climates, weather, and roof styles. This is one of the many reasons it is such a reliable shingle line.

Reflect Damaging Solar Rays

The last thing you want is for the heat of the sun to absorb into your roof shingles. Vista shingles are designed to reflect solar rays that not only reduce the heat being absorbed into your house, but also extend the life of your roof.