Malarkey Legacy® Shingle

The Legacy® shingle line is a laminated architectural shingle that uses #M scotchgard protection. This design allows for the shingles to wick away any moisture. Aside from that, this design also prevents any type of algae streaks from building up. Here in Colorado, snow and heavy rains are things that we need to be concerned about. If you’re concerned about how moisture is affecting your home and, more importantly, your roof, the Legacy® shingle line might be the perfect material option for you.

Benefits of the Legacy® Shingle Line

If moisture is one of the things that you are concerned about, the Legacy ® shingle is one of the best shingle materials for you to select. Below are a few of the additional reasons that this is a fantastic roofing material to select.

NEX™ Polymer Modified Asphalt

Flexibility is crucial when it comes to roofing materials. The NEX ™ polymer modified asphalt makes it easy for the Legacy ® shingle line to provide you with full protection. Aside from that, these shingles fit your roof perfectly and can uphold even the worst weather conditions.

Scotchgard ™ Protector

The Scotchgard ™ Protector that the Legacy® shingle line uses helps eliminate algae stains and streaking. Overall, it’s this feature that helps maintain the beautiful look of your roof. There is a Limited Lifetime Warranty on this particular feature of the Legacy® shingles.

Protect from Extreme Weather

Given that your roof is supposed to protect you from the crazy weather conditions of Colorado, it is important that the roofing materials that you select are able to do this. The Legacy ® shingle line is considered a class 4 impact resistant shingles. This is some of the highest rated protection available.

Wind Warranties

While the weather conditions of Colorado are one thing that you need to worry about, high winds are another. These shingles come with a Limited Wind Warranty included.

Retain Color Granules

Aesthetic is a major concern with roofing supplies. The color granules used in the Legacy ® shingle line ensure that your roof remains beautiful for years to come. This allows so much more freedom when it comes to selecting the color of your next roof.

Formulated Roofing Sealants

Feel confident in the durability of your shingles knowing that a formulated roofing sealant is used during the application. This specially formulated sealant holds your shingles in place but it also helps protect your home from high-winds and heavy rain.

Superior Shingle Strength

All of the Malarkey Roofing shingles made with NEX™ polymer modified asphalt are immediately more resistant to any tearing or nail tear-out. This is yet another reason that you can rest assured that high-winds won’t be affecting any of your shingles.

Flexible Range of Weather

Colorado is known for having some of the most unpredictable weather. From the cold winters to the scorching hot summers, your shingles are going to be able to adapt and continue to ensure that your home is well protected.

Reflect Damaging Solar Rays

The powerful rays of the sun are one of the primary causes of damaged and worn roofs. Legacy® shingles reflect solar rays which keeps any heat from entering your home and extends the life of your roof.

The Zone®

The Legacy® shingle line are made with The Zone® nailing line. This makes for an easier installation process allows for correct placement, both of which can greatly contribute to the efficiency of your roof.