Malarkey Highlander & Highlander AR

This Highlander AR shingles by Malarkey are made to look like your traditional asphalt shingles, but designed to endure so much more. These shingles provide your home with the aesthetic value that you hope to achieve through a new roof. More importantly, though, these shingles are designed to uphold even the toughest of mother nature’s storms.

Benefits of Highlander AR

There are countless reasons that people choose Highlander AR when it comes to their roofs. Below are just a few of them.

Streak Resist™ Technology

These tiles are made from a blend of algae resistant granules that help maintain the aesthetics of your roof. Mother nature can do some serious work on your rooftop, but you don’t have to worry about it with the Streak Resist™ Technology that is covered under the 10-year AR warranty.

Formulated Roofing Sealants

Few things are as important as the sealant used on your roof. A specially formulated asphalt sealant holds these shingles in place. This one-of-a-kind sealant ensures that your shingles stay in place when high winds come through but also protect your home from heavy rains and dense snow storms.

The Zone®

The overall installation of Highlander AR shingles is made easy with The Zone®. This is an improved fastener placement that has been added to the shingles to dramatically improve the placement process throughout installation. This feature not only improves and enhances the quality of roof installation, but it ensures that our team is even more efficient while working on your roof.

Wind Warranties

Colorado can have some nasty storms, but when the wind is high you want to know that your roof is up to the challenge. The Highlander AR shingles are made durable and designed to stay put. However, you can rest assured knowing that there are a variety of wind warranties that cover your roof.

Color Granules

The ability to choose the color of shingles used for your roof is something that takes time and consideration to settle on. Malarkey knows that your choice in color is no small factor, that’s why they have used color granules to provide you with true, long-lasting color that you can enjoy for years to come.