1. Trimming trees to keep branches from dragging over your roof keeps them from scratching and dragging on your shingles. This can dramatically decrease the lifespan of your roof and may not be covered by your insurance, or it may not reach what your deductible meaning you will have to pay at least $500 to replace just a few shingles.
  2. If you have LARGE branches hanging over your roof during high winds like we routinely get in Colorado, they can easily break off and cause extensive structural damage when they break. I have personally seen trunks penetrate though decking and interior drywall. This can cause thousands of dollars in structural damages, damage personal property and even cause death to family members in the house if things go really wrong.
  3. I’m sure most of you remember a few years ago when Black Forest caught on fire. Trimming trees and cleaning up around your property is a great way to help reduce the fire risk on your property. Dead trees and dried out branches are simply a fire hazard and should definitely be trimmed up and cleaned up every year.

Following these easy steps can help save your roof, money and possibly even human life.